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The Rich History Of York, PA

There are a lot of notable historical events that have happened right in your own backyard. Learning about the history behind prominent cities and states in American history can help you grow a new appreciation for your hometown or make you the ideal team member for trivia night. Either way, learn about York's rich history today!

Where To Get The Best Pizza in York, PA

Whether you've lived in the city for years or you just moved here, there's one thing you must do: Try the local pizza shops. Local restaurants can give their unique twist on classics like a four-cheese or pepperoni pizza that's different from your go-to chain shop. Grab a friend and go out for a slice, or stay in and order delivery for a tasty experience. If you're searching for the best pies in the city, our team at Apple Chevrolet compiled a mouth-watering list of the best pizza in York, Pennsylvania, that you'll want to try.
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2022 Christmas Events In York, PA

City sidewalks are always bustling during the holiday season, usually overflowing with foot traffic from people spilling in and out of stores as they complete their shopping lists. The season can be so busy that it's easy to forget about the fun, holiday-themed events around you. That's why our team at Apple Chevrolet in York, Pennsylvania, compiled a list of a few upcoming Christmas events in the area to get you into the holly, jolly spirit. Take a break from the constant hustle and bustle, and slow down with these holiday events you're sure to remember for years to come.

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Best Romantic Spots to Visit in York, PA

Spending quality time with your partner is necessary for relationships, and regularly designating time for each other is helpful to sustain the relationship's strength and closeness. It helps you feel connected and bonded because you're sharing a moment dedicated to being together, sharing in laughter and conversation. While you can connect with your person at home, enjoying a home-cooked meal and watching your favorite television series, some romantic places may elevate your time together. Switch up the routine of staying in or hitting up your usual place, and try something new.

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Local Museums in York, PA

When you stick to your routine and fail to expand your horizons, it becomes easy to develop a narrow perspective of the world. Consider broadening your outlook by visiting a local museum. These establishments are an excellent way to learn something new and see topics in a way you never thought you would. Going to a museum is also a fun and affordable indoor activity you can do regardless of the weather or time of year. In even better news, York is an area teeming with culture and establishments seeking to share it. Apple Chevrolet is here to help you discover local museums in and around York.

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Best Tow Truck Services in York, PA

Do you need to tow something in or around the York, Pennsylvania, area? We've got you covered. We compiled this list of the nine best tow truck and recovery services in the area so you can be sure you pick the right service to handle your request. Many of these businesses offer additional services, like car repairs and roadside assistance, to help you get your vehicle up and running again in no time. Learn about where to find the best tow truck service in York and leave it to the professionals to get your vehicle where it needs to go.

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Thanksgiving Events in York, PA

When we think of celebrating Thanksgiving, an image of gathering around the dinner table with family often comes to mind. However, a traditional meal isn't the only way to celebrate this holiday. York is home to several events throughout November that'll help you embrace the Thanksgiving spirit. We want to help you plan your holiday season and ensure you make great memories with family and friends. Read on to discover local Thanksgiving happenings in and around York. Whether you're interested in live music, flag football, or 5K races, we're bound to discuss an event that interests you.

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Gardening Tips for Residents of York, PA

Late summer and early fall are probably the best times to start a garden. The ground is soft enough to till and fortify, the temperatures are descending, and the subsequent cold season allows sufficient time for the integration and breakdown of organic matter. 

If you've ever driven around York, PA, and admired the gardens of your fellow residents, you might be interested in starting one of your own. To that end, let's examine some top-notch gardening tips to help you get your hands dirty and your plants thriving.

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Fun Halloween Events in York, PA

In York, Pennsylvania, Halloween isn't just one day. It's an entire season filled with ghost tours, trick-or-treating, spooky parties, and other exciting activities. Whether you're looking for a fun, festive event for all ages or a costume contest to attend with your friends, there are plenty of ways to celebrate in this town. Here are some fun Halloween events to check out when you're in and around York.

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Places to Volunteer in York, PA

Volunteering is a great way to connect with your community and do a little good in the world. Here in York, Pennsylvania, there are a wide range of deserving organizations that might benefit from your time and attention. At Apple Chevrolet, we also care about our community. That's why we've put together this guide to local volunteering. Whether you're passionate about creating a sustainable planet or alleviating hunger, you'll find an organization worthy of attention on this list of some of the best places to volunteer in York.

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