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Our York, PA, Chevy dealership makes the car trade-in process simple. If you'd like to visit us and sell your car for cash, we can quickly get your vehicle appraised so you can leave our dealership with cash in hand. If you'd rather upgrade to a new vehicle, you can browse our new Chevy inventory to find something you love.

Sell your car & Motorcycle simply

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Key Vehicle Information

If you're ready to sell your car, know that you can visit our York Chevy dealership for a free appraisal of your vehicle.

Trade-In Appraisal

We'll provide you with a competitive offer on your vehicle and you can take a few days to decide. Then, you can sell your vehicle to our Pennsylvania Chevrolet dealership and get money for your trade!

Buy A New Car or Keep Your Money

You can apply your trade-in offer to a down payment on a new vehicle from us or walk away with some extra money in your bank account. You can do either at Apple Chevrolet!

How Do We Come Up With Your Offer?

The appraisers at our York Chevy dealership are experienced and will provide you with an offer that you're sure to love! There are a few factors we consider when appraising your vehicle:

Vehicle Condition

From the interior to the exterior, we look to see if there are issues beyond the standard wear and tear.

Features & Packages

We'll evaluate what special options your vehicle offers. Whether it's heated seats or a navigation system, we'll let you know if your car is worth more thanks to its perks!

Vehicle History Report

We'll pull a vehicle history report to see your car's service and accident records.

Test-Drive Your Car

A member of our team will take your car for a quick test-drive to check steering, brakes and other functions.

What Do I Need To Sell or Trade In My Car or Motorcycle?
Vehicle Title

We'll need your car's title, if you have it, or your payoff information. Whoever is listed on the car's title should be present when you visit our dealership.


A valid and current registration for your vehicle. This way, we can confirm ownership of the vehicle.

Valid ID

A valid state-issued photo ID. If there is more than one titleholder, everyone must have their ID with them!


All keys, key fobs or remotes! If the original keys are missing, the offer for your vehicle may have to be adjusted.

Our Offer Is Good For Six Days.

More Car Selling FAQs for Drivers
No! You can simply sell us your car and walk away with your offer.
There are many factors we look into when appraising a vehicle. We'll look at the car's make, model, year, mileage and its vehicle history report. Additionally, we'll take a look at the condition of your vehicle to see if there are any major defects that could impact the offer. We'll take a test-drive of your car as well and if any repairs are needed, we may need to make adjustments on your offer.
We'll write you a check the same day you sell us your car.
Yes! In most cases, you can sell your leased car. Similar to a financed car with no title, we can appraise the car and contact the company you're working with for a payoff quote. However, not all leasing companies will allow you to sell your car.
No, it's not required. Although, an appointment will help save you time when you visit!
If your car has "negative equity," which means the payoff amount is more than the offer you receive, you have a few options. If you opt to buy a new car at Apple Chevrolet of York, it's possible we can include your negative equity in the financing offer. If it cannot be included, we'll help you calculate the difference and you can pay our dealership directly.
In some cases, yes. Please speak with our Chevrolet Financing team about your options!

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When you're ready to part with your existing vehicle, you want to get the highest return on it as you can. A lot of factors go into determining the value of your used car, and we carefully examine each detail to ensure you get an offer that leaves you satisfied. At your dealership, you can get a free appraisal and your choice of cash or credit toward an upgrade from our lot. Check out this guide from our experts at Apple Chevrolet in York, Pennsylvania, to learn how we can get you a great deal on your car.

How We Provide Fair and Accurate Appraisals at Apple Chevrolet

We consider multiple factors to get you a fair and accurate appraisal. First, we consider the characteristics specific to your vehicle. Its make and model, for example, give us a sense of its reliability because certain vehicles enjoy reputations for being dependable and long-lasting. We also look at its year of production and its features. Generally speaking, vehicles within a particular age group hold more value, as do those that offer high-end amenities, like navigation systems and heated leather seats.

We also look at your car's vehicle history report, which details its ownership, title status, accident records, service records, and more. Consulting a vehicle history report is a vital step for anyone looking to make an informed decision about a vehicle purchase. A car with fewer owners, a history of proper servicing, and little to no damage is likelier to attract a higher price for you, the seller.

Next comes the inspection, in which we examine the physical condition of your vehicle inside and out. The idea is to make sure everything looks and feels right. If the body and upholstery are intact, the features operate correctly, and the vehicle seems to be in high-quality condition, you can expect a higher return.

Then we give the vehicle a test drive to assess its functions, such as its steering and braking. This gives us a sense of how it operates on the road and clues us into any issues that weren't apparent during the inspection. If there are any issues concerning your vehicle's performance, repairs may be necessary, which can affect the offer you receive.

What Happens After the Vehicle Appraisal

After the appraisal, we calculate the value of the car and put forth an offer. You don't have to decide immediately. The offer remains valid for six days afterward. At any time during those six days, you can contact our dealership either to accept or to reject it. 

If you accept the offer, you have two options. One is that we immediately write you a check, and that's it. You're under no obligation to put the cash toward a vehicle purchase with us. The other option is to put the amount of the offer toward a down payment on one of the new or used vehicles in our inventory. 

What To Bring With You to Apple Chevrolet

When you're ready to sell, there are a few things you need to bring with you to our dealership, aside from your vehicle. The first is the vehicle's title. If you bought the vehicle in full at a dealership or from a private seller, you likely received the title within a few weeks of your purchase. Locate the certificate and present it to us to verify your ownership. Keep in mind there may be multiple owners on the title, so make sure all of them accompany you to our dealership.

If you're leasing or financing the vehicle, the title remains with the lien holder until you've paid off the balance. In this case, we can reach out to the owner to discuss the permissibility of the sale and determine the payoff quote. 

The second form of document to present is the vehicle registration, which establishes that you and the other titleholders own the vehicle you'd like to sell. The registration should be valid and current. You can check on the status of your vehicle registration by contacting the Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles. You can also acquire a duplicate or replacement registration card or title if you've misplaced either of them.

Third, you and everyone on the title will need a valid form of photo ID, such as a state-issued driver's license, ID card, or passport. This, too, allows us to verify who you are against the details of the title and the registration. Last is your vehicle's keys, including fobs and other devices that allow access. These are necessary so we can perform the interior inspection and the test drive. An instance of missing keys or fobs may result in an adjustment of the purchase offer.

Tips for Selling Your Car to Apple Chevrolet

Selling your vehicle means parting with something you've put your resources into maintaining, and we want to get you the deal you deserve. With that in mind, consider these tips to help us provide you with the best experience possible:

  • Do some research before you sell. This helps you develop reasonable expectations concerning the value of your car and the offer you receive.
  • Get your vehicle into sellable condition. Spend some time cleaning its interior and exterior and addressing maintenance issues.
  • Be the first to examine the vehicle history report. This can help you better understand the condition and value of your vehicle, as well as inform any decisions about repairs or adjustments before you sell it.
  • Try to develop sensible expectations about your vehicle. Being realistic about its value can help to prevent disappointment.

When you're ready to sell your car for cash or credit toward your next vehicle, come see us at our dealership on 1200 Loucks Road in York, Pennsylvania. There's no need to schedule an appointment. Our sales hours start at 8:30 a.m. Monday through Saturday. We close at 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 6 p.m. Friday, and 5 p.m. Saturday. Feel free to send us a message through our contact page, as well. We're always happy to answer questions about the cars we sell and the one you'd like to sell to us.